Friday, June 15, 2012


Finally...tomorrow its officially the first day of the summer (for us of course), we start our daily visits at the beach....Yeap, its a fact....The weather is hot & sunny....My little Alex loves the lets hope that the summer will be endless....Have a great weekend......


  1. my god girl, you are so tan I am jealous!! :)

  2. oh how jealous i am it looks so fabulous there. enjoy it all. its raining here all week can really get u down. at least the weekend is here hope u have a great one. fabulous tan too. kisses xx leonie.

  3. You should come live here in Dubai, then since you love the beach and sun.. oh, we have those here all year round :) I live a block away from the best beach in town but I only go once in a while.. I guess when we have something so close we tend to take it for granted.. enjoy your time at the beach with you little Alex!

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  4. stellabeinginLondonJune 16, 2012 at 7:00 AM

    jealousssss!!! here is raining every 15 min. but its sunny again!! crazy weather my freind..kissessss xoxoxoxo


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