Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Being beautiful as a Greek Statue....

Photos by Me

                                                                           Dress Zara

I'm so sorry for my long absence but my family and me, were gone for several days. Teo became godfather of a pretty little boy named George and we all together attended the christening in South Greece....I have so many photos I wonna show you, but I was too eager to post this specific one. My sister Elpida!!!! She is such a beautiful creature, gifted in so many ways....In this photo she 's wearing an amazing dress and in my opinion she 's like an ancient Greek.....So I dedicate this post to her....
Stay tuned for a photo collection.....


  1. Πολυ ομορφη παρουσια,
    τα μαλλια ταιριαζουν απόλυτα με το στυλ του φορεματος!

  2. Pragmatika ekpliktiko forema! To xrwma kai to sxedio einai apla teleia!


  3. beautiful dress on your sister! definitely looks like a greek goddess ;)

  4. Wow, awesome dress and your sis looks stunning!


Thanks for your lovely comment....